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Stories of Changes

We thrive to make changes in the lives of people with our noble initiatives. Read how we contribute to make changes.
  • Farmers Construct Ponds of Prosperity

    Event Date: 14 Sep 16
    Villagers of Simardah knew their future would be bleak if they failed to find a solution, that too immediately, for the disquieting decline in the availability of water for agriculture. For several decades, livelihood and food source of 240 odd farming households of the village depended on agriculture which included sugarcane, paddy, wheat, lentil and maize.   Know...
  • Farmers Innovate Paddy Cultivation to Defeat Water Scarcity

    Event Date: 09 Sep 16
    Finally, Nawka Tola villagers decided to pit Sarju Baavan and Rajendra Bhagwati against each other. The villagers then anxiously waited for an entire crop season to see who emerged the winner. In the never-ending murky political battles of Bihar, this tussle had a different hue altogether. The livelihood of Nawka Tola depended on the outcome of the contest between these two paddy varieties...
  • Tribal Farmers Revive Millet Cultivation for Better Food Security

    Event Date: 01 Sep 16
    Kodo millet, until recently, had been a staple diet for the Gond tribals of Madhya Pradesh. This hardy millet however lost its ground to wheat and paddy. Tribal farmers of Katigahan village of Mandla district, who now realize the millet’s food and nutrition potential, have teamed up with Caritas India to salvage kodo cultivation from the verge of extinction.  
  • Organic System of Rice Intensification (OSRI): Redefining Paddy Cultivation

    Event Date: 24 Aug 16
    Wayanad, a majestic hilly northern district of Kerala, has a time-honoured historical relationship with paddy cultivation which is reflected in the etymology of its name. Though the region is famed as the ‘land of paddy fields’, it is no more a land where paddy cultivation thrives now. Over the years, large swathes of paddy fields were converted as cash crop fields which of cou...
  • Breaking the Myth of Chemical Farming in Organic Way!

    Event Date: 04 Aug 16
    Gangaram Jhamarkar had firmly believed, until the last crop season, that soybean pods cannot mature without the application of chemical inputs. But now Gangaram uses his success to convince fellow farmers about risks of chemical farming and the bountiful benefits of organic farming.   Gangaram, a tribal farmer, owns 1.5 acres of rocky and undulated farm in his vill...
  • Engineering the Flow of Happiness!

    Event Date: 01 Aug 16
    Agriculture in Kurum, a tribal village nestled in the dense forests of Gumla district of Jharkhand, is predominantly rain-dependent. In spite of the abundant rain and bountiful natural resources, irrigation infrastructure of Kurum remained rather backward thanks to the pervasive naxal menace which ren...
  • Eco-Farming for Economic Self-Reliance

    Event Date: 21 Jul 16
    All that Esther, a widow in her forties, had for supporting herself and her four children was an acre land and plenty of grit to innovate the agriculture. Ever since she lost her husband when she was just 23, Esther has been singlehandedly cultivating the farm which was the source of food and the sole income for her family of five. As the years passed by and the education costs of her chil...
  • Farmer Overcomes Disability in Pursuit of Organic Farming

    Event Date: 12 Jul 16
    Rajan MR is an extraordinarily gritty farmer who overwhelmed his disability to become a lead farmer of Wayanad district of Kerala. His diminutive figure and underdeveloped arms disguise the progressive farmer in him. Rajan, a 45-year old tribal, was born with a severe deformity that made farming nearly impossible. One of his hands is as small as the index finger of any adult whereas the ot...
  • A Phoenix in the Land of Farmer Suicides

    Event Date: 03 May 16
    Destiny had been so cruel to Francis Valayil, a stone mine worker, that he had decided to end his life several times. His father had committed suicide when he could not pay off debts even after selling the entire property which was all but a decrepit house on a small piece of land.   Misfortunes fell on his family one after another and the hopelessness gave way to ...

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